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I am amazed at how great the climate is in Cotacachi. For those who like 70 degree spring-like temperatures, I doubt that there is another place on earth that is better. The mornings, especially, are spectacular. We love taking a walk in the early part of the day when the sun is out and the air is crisp and clean. No matter what is troubling you, everything seems better after a morning stroll in Cotacachi. It is a little too cool to wear shorts and a jacket is often needed in the evenings or on rainy days. A few people that we know use a small space heater to take off the chill in the morning or evening, but we do not find that we need one. There is a dry and a rainy season. The rains are welcomed if for no other reason than they bring a little variety to the weather patterns. We don't miss those long, cold Midwestern winters and hot, humid St. Louis summers. We're happy to live in a place where we never need a furnace or an air conditioner.


I read about the love the expats have for the Cotacachi area and it all sounds wonderful, but my concern is I do not think 70-72 degrees is quite warm enough and I hear that it gets dark by 6pm so quite chilly on the veranda.

I was hoping to find just a few degrees warmer and be able to bar-b-q and relax on the patio in warm comfort. I would like to stay close to all you are saying, but will I have to go far to get warmer by a bit? I do not require balmy beaches--nor would I love that kind of humidity, but is there anything you know of that is a bit warmer with the lifestyle all of you seem to love there? I really appreciate your ideas. I will be down in August and hope to find such place.

Right now, someone recommended Manta? Do you know of it? I was hoping to stay closer to Cotacachi?

Any all all ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kieran

Which months are in the "rainy season" and "dry season"?

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