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Cutting your ties to a job while still relatively young is both exciting and scary.  Anytime you go against the herd, it’s hard to shake the feeling that everybody knows what they are doing except you.  It helps to know that there are some other lone wolfs out there who have taken the plunge.  For us, inspiration came from couples such as Billy and Akaisha Kadderly, who retired many years ago at the age of 38 to a life of travel and adventure.

Paul and Vicki Terhorst retired at the age of 35.  Now in their 60’s, they hop around the world, living in fascinating places and staying as long as they wish, with no regrets for having parted ways with the rat race at such an early age. 

As more and more people realize that the frantic pace of modern life often creates a deep sense of unhappiness and feeling of “Is this all there is?”, they begin to look for alternatives.  Reading about others who have taken that “road less travelled” can help make the journey seem a lot less lonely.  More stories of those who have retired early can be found at Retire Early Lifestyle.

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